Anime Month Day 1- CBN’s Top 10 Anime Openings

What better way to kick off anime month than to talk about the best of the best anime openings.

We based this list on a few key elements. The openings visuals and audio quality was of course the centerpiece, but we slightly took nostalgia into account. We looked at how each opening represented the anime as a whole, and how it stood out from it. And lastly, the opening needed the ability to summon you to the source of the audio, if you were for some reason not in the room.

Note that this is mainly personal opinion of the Classicbutnew cast based on the anime we’ve seen, because we can’t have possibly have watched them all. If you think we missed one that should be here, tell us the name of the opening in the comments and we’ll give it a listen! 

These are the openings that if they got switched after episode 13, you’d get upset.

These are the openings that you can sing or move to even ten years after watching the show.

Not only are these the openings you never skip, these are the ones you playback after its over.

Honorable Mention 

We Are! by Hiroshi Kitadani (Sub)/ Vic Mignogna (Dub) -One Piece

The first opening of One Piece is a catchy, upbeat rap that nicely lays out the background for the start of an epic adventure that has yet to end. While the song sums things up nicely by itself, the visuals also show off the abilities of numerous characters that we’d grow to love.

-Javale W.

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Losing My Balance (Continued)

*Explicit Content*


The months go by summer’s almost here baby
And I’m ready to take over the court alongside my lady
My queen and I side by side we never losing
Woulda thought we was doing drive-byes how we lights out shooting


She keeps me sane but somehow I’m crazy about her
And I never wanna go one day without her
We exchanged art forms she even loves the way I rhyme
I haven’t felt this way about a girl in sometime


She holds a brother down something like a paper weight
That’s why for her I’ll never hesitate
To give her all the love she deserves
Cause she pushes me to be all I can be like the reserves


She got me feeling good like a real man should
She do it to me the way only a real woman could
We were great together we were the perfect team
Then I woke mad as hell cause it was all just a dream


Losing My Balance (Continued)

*Explicit Content*


So after a few intense games she was done
But I had to let her know that for her I was the one
She was all alone getting ready to depart
So I journeyed over to her to capture her heart


Right away we got to talking and it just felt right
I knew with her I could do this kinda thing all night
She said she just moved here from the city and she’s in love with the arts
I replied so am I and I thought where should I start

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Losing My Balance

*Explicit Content*


One day I was out with my homies chillin’

You would’ve thought we was villains with all the time we was killin’

It was just another day playing ball and all

Someone from the other team was bitchin’ bout a bad call


Then from outta no where something caught my eye

The weirdest thing I ever seen on the court no lie

Skated on the battlefield with such beauty and grace

And stole the attention of everyone in the place

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I Miss My Ladies

*Explicit Content*


It’s like I got shackles on my mouth

I’m tryna tell you girls what I’m all about

But for some reason it’s never the right time

So I thought I’d slow it down and it in a rhyme


First off I’ll be clear when I say

Everything I say to y’all is meant to build you up everyday

Never to tear you down never used as detriment

Only to show you love and meant for ya benefit


I care about y’all more than I thought possible

That’s why I hate how hard it is to see you through these obstacles

We vibe so easily when it’s one-on-one

But we crowd each other when we all try to have fun

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Ready For War

*Explicit Content*

You rappers is garbage and even if you rehearsed
I’ma pick ya lines apart til ya whole shit is Unversed
If the convo not about me it ain’t about the best
I’m hurting these rappers feelings when I’m on the mic I’m Heartless

Thinking I ain’t shit y’all got it twisted like braids
I’ll snatch ya heart out ya chest like this song is a Keyblade
Get it? Cause you motherfuckers is Nobodies?
So you whack ass rappers need to find some new hobbies

Please be clear man I’m so sincere
When I say I’m the best rapper out here
I’m the champ and none of y’all is in contention
This shit raw like going in ya girl with no protection

Told you bastards I’m the best out by far
My flow always coming correct like a porn star
I’ma be here for a while man none of y’all could hurt me
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*Explicit Content*

I thought I was done with this

Thought I would rhyme no more with the flow I thought I was finished

I had no desire to deal with the fame, the bitches

And the rest of the bullshit in the music business

But my Homie Jess had other plans

My soul was on ice nothing moved me like frostbitten hands

I began to hate my first love and the way she would let another man

Walk over her while she refused to take a stand

That shit made me sick

Like the flow ya boy used to spit

Something had to be done about this

Fast like Sonic, Flash, and Superman quick

And then Miss Blaze made me realize

That if I just let these other guys

Continue to run amok then they won’t stop until my love dies

So brace yourselves cause y’all bout to start start droppin like flies

Constant exposure to Miss Blaze sparked some shit in me that turned into a wildfire

With her by my side I’ma go miles higher

Than I ever could alone cause I’m on a roll now and I will not tire

And dawg I’m just gettin warmed up so watch these motherfuckers perspire

So wit that best believe I’m taking my chick back

And if you ain’t down wit that

Then you could deal wit the click-clat

Cause with these lyrics I’m fighting tooth and nail like a jungle cat

Cause I need her back you fuck boys can’t have her

She’s like LL and Mike Jackson man no one is badder

I’ll go through everything you throw at me dawg it doesn’t matter

Man I’ll go psycho in this bitch like 50 Cent and Mr. Mathers

It’s funny how these hard ass bars could make me feel free

How her story could help me make history

Because of her I’m on a mission to reunite wit my lady

So Hip-Hop pack ya bags cause you’re coming home baby