Anime Month Day 1- CBN’s Top 10 Anime Openings

What better way to kick off anime month than to talk about the best of the best anime openings.

We based this list on a few key elements. The openings visuals and audio quality was of course the centerpiece, but we slightly took nostalgia into account. We looked at how each opening represented the anime as a whole, and how it stood out from it. And lastly, the opening needed the ability to summon you to the source of the audio, if you were for some reason not in the room.

Note that this is mainly personal opinion of the Classicbutnew cast based on the anime we’ve seen, because we can’t have possibly have watched them all. If you think we missed one that should be here, tell us the name of the opening in the comments and we’ll give it a listen! 

These are the openings that if they got switched after episode 13, you’d get upset.

These are the openings that you can sing or move to even ten years after watching the show.

Not only are these the openings you never skip, these are the ones you playback after its over.

Honorable Mention 

We Are! by Hiroshi Kitadani (Sub)/ Vic Mignogna (Dub) -One Piece

The first opening of One Piece is a catchy, upbeat rap that nicely lays out the background for the start of an epic adventure that has yet to end. While the song sums things up nicely by itself, the visuals also show off the abilities of numerous characters that we’d grow to love.

-Javale W.

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