Insight & Eyesight (Poem)

I made a mistake in assuming that the masses were the same in all of the classes

I didn’t distinctfy the assholes from the rightful souls

Categorizing the dark with the light has created my unnecessary fight

For I have painted a world that is unjust and full of lust

In reality it’s a mixed bag and my eyes couldn’t identify my own lies Continue reading


Some Like it Bland

somelikeithotFor my film/literature class, I was tasked to quickly compare the two movies, Some Like it Hot and Emma. This is the rant that resulted from that task. 

Compared to the film Some Like it Hot, the movie based on the Jane Austin book, Emma, seems like a dreadfully dull affair. Even though Some Like it Hot was made in 1959, it managed to feel more relevant than a movie that came out in 1996. From a technical and story-telling standpoint, Some Like it Hot was leagues ahead of Emma and as a result was a much more interesting film.

Joe and Sugar had chemistry. As a viewer, I felt like those two were meant to be together. They connected and had witty banter going, it felt like they actually liked each other. As Sugar goes to meet Joe, she asks him if he has been waiting long. Joe responds, “It’s not how long you wait, it’s who you’re waiting for!” It is a smooth and charismatic line that could have stood by itself. Instead, later in the conversation, Joe apologizes for having to steer backwards, making the trip longer. Sugar then responds to him “it’s not how long it takes, it’s who’s taking you.” That, in my opinion is how you create the illusion of a bond between characters. Continue reading

Revisiting Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World… Again

scott pil 4

I have a little tradition every summer. It is the only time of the year where I have enough free time to read books. So, for the past three years, including this one, I read the entire Scott Pilgrim collection. The books are kind of short, so it never takes me more than three days to read all six of the entries. The books are funny, easy to relate to and they feel like reflections of actual human beings. It may not be the best series of all-time, but the Scott Pilgrim series is one I could read countless times and never get tired of it.  Continue reading

Losing My Balance (Continued)

*Explicit Content*


The months go by summer’s almost here baby
And I’m ready to take over the court alongside my lady
My queen and I side by side we never losing
Woulda thought we was doing drive-byes how we lights out shooting


She keeps me sane but somehow I’m crazy about her
And I never wanna go one day without her
We exchanged art forms she even loves the way I rhyme
I haven’t felt this way about a girl in sometime


She holds a brother down something like a paper weight
That’s why for her I’ll never hesitate
To give her all the love she deserves
Cause she pushes me to be all I can be like the reserves


She got me feeling good like a real man should
She do it to me the way only a real woman could
We were great together we were the perfect team
Then I woke mad as hell cause it was all just a dream


Losing My Balance (Continued)

*Explicit Content*


So after a few intense games she was done
But I had to let her know that for her I was the one
She was all alone getting ready to depart
So I journeyed over to her to capture her heart


Right away we got to talking and it just felt right
I knew with her I could do this kinda thing all night
She said she just moved here from the city and she’s in love with the arts
I replied so am I and I thought where should I start

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Losing My Balance

*Explicit Content*


One day I was out with my homies chillin’

You would’ve thought we was villains with all the time we was killin’

It was just another day playing ball and all

Someone from the other team was bitchin’ bout a bad call


Then from outta no where something caught my eye

The weirdest thing I ever seen on the court no lie

Skated on the battlefield with such beauty and grace

And stole the attention of everyone in the place

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