JAPANESE LUCKY COIN : …And here is a bit of Japanese Culture IN JAPANESE :D

HI there Classic But New viewers!  Long time since your buddy Ray posted anything huh?  Well this time, I won’t be analyzing any anime or movies, but instead, I give you a Japanese Vlog on culture.  For any native Japanese speakers who noticed the grammar mistakes I made in the first half of the video, FORGIVE ME!  Lol, I am still learning.  I am still a scrub 😀

Anyways, I am entering the videoblogging realm, and will be using it probably for Japanese culture stuff, because why not right?  Hope you guys enjoy!


How Japan is portrayed in Japanese and American Media…

HEY EVERYONE !!!! ^_^ …
what is Japan like from an American’s point of view before and after going to Japan?
Do Japanese people accept these beliefs taken from media?
What do Japanese people think about America?
Find out the answers in Raymond’s “Westerniz-Asian of Culture”

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