Top 5 Video Games of the Year (So Far)

With E3 basically starting early with Fallout 4 and XCOM 2 being announced, it’s due time to look back on the gaming pleasures of this year before we look ahead. Video gaming in 2015 hasn’t been as diverse as 2014, but in terms of quality, it has arguably surpassed all of last year’s offerings.

I’m still working on clearing my backlog of games that have come out this year such as Hotline Miami 2, Dying Light, and Axiom Verge, but these are the best five games I’ve played in the past six months.

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CBN’s Top 5 Female Video Game Characters of 2014

Not so fast, Women’s History Month isn’t over yet!

Let us look back to a time full of diversity and variations. I’m referring to that fallen age long ago, known as “last year.” 2014 was a divergent year for video gaming as it had a ton of distinct characters, both male and female. But in honor of Women’s History Month, here’s our list of the top five video game women of 2014.

You can also check out our 2013 list.

5. Character- Fetch | Voice Actress- Laura Bailey

Game- Infamous: Second Son/ Infamous: First Light | Developer- Sucker Punch


Fetch stole the show in the short amount of time she was in Second Son, being sassy and flashy. She got an even bigger chance to shine in the standalone game, Infamous: First Light. Fetch doesn’t only has the coolest superpower in the franchise, she is just downright badass. This sharp-tongued heroine will cut through you with her words then blast you away with her bright neon powers.

Fetch’s voice actress, the amazing Laura Bailey, is also the voice of a ton of my favorite female video game characters in history. Characters such as Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening, Rise from Persona 4 Golden, Luna from Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, Catherine from … Catherine and she voiced Chun-Li in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Bailey has had a long history of voicing a ton of video game and anime characters. Continue reading

CBN’s Top 10 Video Games of 2014

The year 2014 was a weird one for video games. A lot of big titles were over-hyped and ended up being massive disappointments, and other triple A games came out broken. But not everything was bad in 2014.

Indie games were the saving grace for some gamers, and as usual, Nintendo kept their quality over quantity theme going. Almost every game on the Wii U, a system that struggled greatly in 2013, was the console to own in 2014. The Wii U seemed to have a great game coming out every two months while the newer consoles had a lesser stream of great games hitting frequently. That being said, the new-gen consoles had some great games, and the Playstation 4 had an amazing year thanks to the smaller games that were pushed out on an almost weekly basis.

A lot can definitely be improved on, but 2014 was a solid year for video games. These are the ten games that we think stood out from the rest in 2014.

*Keep in mind that is is opinionated based on what we’ve played and what we liked in video games within the year. We haven’t played EVERY game that came out in 2014 but we’ve played enough to compose this list of what we think are the best games of 2014.*

**We have reviews for most of these games! If you’d like to read them, just click on the image for the respective game if possible.**

Honorable Mention- The Binding of Issac: Rebirth


The Binding of Issac: Rebirth was the best game I’ve played in 2014. When it became time to think about Game of the Year, this was one of the few games that came to mind. Unfortunately, Rebirth does qualify as a remake of the original Binding of Issac for the PC, disqualifying it for this list. The same goes for another smaller indie game known as Towerfall: Ascension. Both of these games are some of the best gaming experiences we’ve had all year, and I just want to bring to attention how amazing they are, remake or not. Continue reading

The Binding of Issac: Rebirth Character Tier List


I can’t stop playing this game. Within two months, The Binding of Issac became one of my favorite video games of all time. Usually it’s because of the story that makes me fall in love, but Rebirth is one of the few exceptions. The gameplay is so refined and endlessly entertaining. I’ve spent countless hours playing Rebirth and I’ve finally cleared the post-it note with all characters. My mission to get Platinum God is not over by a long shot, but I’ve seen more than enough to calculate what I think is an accurate tier list of all of the different characters in the game.

Taking into account of a character’s base stats, starting items and ability to get those very important Deals with the devil or angel rooms, I’ve ranked each character accordingly. This isn’t a 100% solidified list, as most tier lists are not, but this should give a general idea how each character ranks compared to each other. Enjoy and feel free to argue against this list.  Continue reading

CBN’s Super Street Fighter 4 AE Tier List


Street Fighter 4 has been out for years but it is always changing. Constant updates try to keep the game balanced and players are always finding new things with the system. Characters like Sagat and Akuma have seen minor nerfs but are still viable, and characters like Oni and Vega were considered weak until a few months ago. With Ultra Street Fighter 4 coming out digitally June 3rd, I thought it would be fun to create a tier list for the final version of Super Street Fighter 4.  I consider 1-15 top Tier, 16-27 mid tier and 28-39 low tier. remember that I made this list based off of my knowledge of the game, my experience against these characters and watching way too many fighting game tournaments.

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CBN’s Top 10 Games of 2013

2013 may seem like a distant memory already for some, but for us we’ll never forget this amazing year for video games. Two new systems launched, the struggling Vita and Wii U started to pick up steam, Steam sales and Playstation Plus continued to give the best deals in gaming, the 3DS had one of the best years for any handheld system ever created and a wide range of superb video games hit the market. A lot of the games this year did something no other previous game has done before. Whether it was a touching story that made us get emotional, or a world with endless potential that took hours away from our lives, or imaginative gameplay that made us happy to be gamers, these games gave us something that no other form of media could give us. These are the best games we’ve played in 2013.

*Keep in mind that is is opinionated based on what we’ve played and what we liked in video games within the year. We haven’t played EVERY game that came out in 2013 but we’ve played enough to compose this list of what we think are the best games of 2013.*

**Entries 4-6 were the hardest to place and were switched around may times and could have ended up in a different order** 

***We have reviews for most of these games! If you’d like to view them, just click on the image for the respective game if possible.***
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