Sadaka W. (Fool) Co-Creator, Editor-in-Chief 


My name… is of no real importance yet. One day I hope it will be, but for now only have the privilege to call myself a leader of my talented peers here on ClassicButNew. The thing I always knew about myself is the fact that I have an undying passion for video games. I started writing video game reviews in January of 2013 and instantly fell in love with it. Ever since my first review I’ve decided that I wanted to write about video games for the rest of my life. I’m not a professional in any form, but hopefully with the help of my brilliant team I can improve on my writing and eventually get a job writing about the thing I love the most in this world: Video games.

I also write about other forms of media such as sports, television and movies.

If anyone would like to reach out to me for any reason in particular, my email address is: waitesadaka@yahoo.com

Here’s a link to my articles: https://classicbutnew.wordpress.com/category/sadaka-w-articles/

Raymond T. (レイ)  (Magician) Co-Creator, Writer

Do You want to see my works?  Voila –  https://classicbutnew.wordpress.com/category/raymond-t-articles

railgun_10_03  はじめまして, Hey there !! >.<  I’m Raymond, but you can call me Raytholemew the 3rd for short.  I am a Media/Pop culture critic, but nothing fancy.  An aspiring communications professional and I specialize in Japanese media and urban pop culture.  Lets have fun shall we?  (lol i always wanted to end an about you by saying that, kind of counter productive with this added statement though.)   Hmmm…  (^v^)

Darryl J. (Chariot) Writer

I honestly don’t know what to say about myself, I guess the best way to get to know me is to check out my work on the blog. It says a lot more about me than ever could anyway.



Jacob S. (Justice)


As a person who is addicted to music, my part on the CBN team is to introduce new music from the USA and from across the pond to you, the reader, viewer and listener. Whether you are in Europe, Asia, The Americas or anywhere else in the world, you will enjoy the music I review and rate if you are obsessed with music. As for the future, I hope to continue on this journey called life on a day to day basis, some day leading me to become a Crime Scene Investigator…


Javale W. (Fortune)

star_wars_black_and_white_pulp_1920x1200_animemay.comYou want me to talk about myself eh, well where do I start? For starters, I’m big on VIDEO GAMES, games, games, games; whenever I play them I play to…. let’s say immerse myself in whatever experience they try to convey and getting to write about them and relay my experience to the potential readers out there is an exciting proposition. I also find myself really involved in politics if you can get past all that boring political speak politicians use to confuse the people who vote for them you’ll see that it’s actually very interesting. Oh, P.S I’m a huge Star Wars fan. HUGE!!!!

Shaquille Joseph (Emperor) Content Creator, Writer


What goes on peepz, my name is Shaquille Joseph and I’m a new addition here on Classicbutnew.com. Haven’t really decided on what I’ll be doing just yet but, I’ll be here picking up slack whenever I can. I’m a gamer at heart with a side helping of geek and a little pinch of weeboo. My primary gametype is action/ adventure, then fps and fighting games, which I’m decent at. Lastly is racing which I rarely play apart from Mario Kart.  So look out for me here on CBN, helping or writing. Good luck and Good night.

Psn: shaqdiezel12



Willie S. (Hierophant) Contributor

I am an aspiring journalist. I am currently majoring in Multimedia Journalism at Plattsburgh State, where I have written for the sports and news sections of the college newspaper, Cardinal Points. I’m interested in basketball and football. Feel free to comment or offer any suggestions on any of my posts.


“The more I see the less I know for sure” – John Lennon

Latest issue of Cardinal Points: http://issuu.com/paulsternproductions/docs/final_e01c3095bf55e7/1?e=3576872/5903062


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