FightCenter: NLBC #120, Theft is Overrated

This episode is super late because I was going through finals at my school, and I also got slightly addicted to Pokemon. So my apologizes for that, but lets get right into it.

Next Level Battle Circuit #121 should be starting soon if it hasn’t already by the time this is being published, and they’ll be having a $200 pot bonus on the line this week, so the competition should be booming. Last week’s tournament was also quite impressive, with Arturo winning his first Mortal Kombat X NLBC tournament. 

MK X Top 3

  1. TS|Sabin (Raiden & Takeda)
  2. Jrosa (Quan Chi)
  3. BIFU EIF| Coach Steve (Kano)

Full results at challonge

Arturo still using my favorite character, Takeda, but he seemed to have picked up Raiden to deal with some match-ups. I still haven’t watched or played enough Mortal Kombat X to understand the meta game and can’t really comment on top tier characters yet, but I fought Kano for the first time last week … if he isn’t the cheapest character in the game, I don’t want to play anymore to find out who is. I got hit with that stupid “Blanka ball” attack probably ten times in the match. I shouldn’t call for a nerf hammer since I don’t fully understand the game, but I hope Kano gets nerfed–he’s just too annoying.

In Street Fighter news, Smug won the NLBC tournament last week, beating out Arturo in another offense vs defense match-up. This time around Smug’s Dudley ran over Arturo’s Dhalsim 6-0 in grand finals.

USF4 Top 3

  1. PIE|Smug (Dudley)
  2. TS|Sabin (Dhalsim & Rose)
  3. TSC|Sanford Kelly 

USF4 will have a $200 pot bonus on May 27 at Next Level Battle Circuit, similar to this week’s pot bonus for Mortal Komabt X.

Texas Showdown

In serious news, some equipment was stolen at Texas Showdown from PandaxGaming.

This is coming after the theft at Northwest Majors two weeks ago when some Tekken 7 equipment was stolen out of a car that was broken into. It always sucks to hear when people who help the community suffer because of one person, but it’s enviable. Be cautious if you are planning to attend any events with your own equipment.

To end on a positive note, despite the theft, Texas Showdown had a lot of cool matches, including the loser’s final match: Snake Eyez vs K-Brad. Not only are both players fan favorites in the U.S, K-Brad recently called Snake Eyez “overrated” on an episode of Capcom Pro Talk. To be fair, K-Brad also called himself overrated in the same episode, but this created a very WWE-like atmosphere, with the crowd and viewers on Twitch chat to start chanting “overrated.”

Snake Eyez came out as the winner, possibly proving that he is not in fact, overrated. His reward however was the privilege to go up against Infiltration in grand finals, which ended up being a very close match.

That’s it for this week, remember if you’re attending any events, be cautious with your equipment and keep your eyes open for suspicious activity.


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